How we work

Working Agreements

We approach our work in a way that ensures all people, thoughts, and ideas are welcomed and heard.

CTD Working Agreements
  1. Elevate unheard voices

    We must actively seek out perspectives from historically underserved populations—both in how we build our products and how we hire for our team.
  2. Be open to change and growth

    If we leave our egos at the door and invite humility in, we foster an environment of sharing, learning, and growing.
  3. Make space, take space

    We should be as enthusiastic about making space for our colleagues as we are about our own contributions.
  4. Hold ourselves and each other accountable

    Our leaders and colleagues respect each other enough to give direct feedback and challenge each other’s assumptions.
  5. Move at the speed of trust

    We question urgency when it comes at the cost of inclusion and trust.
  6. We work for riders

    We are here to serve riders—especially if they’re transit-dependent—and front-line staff who deliver transit service.