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Customer Technology

CTD applies design thinking and agile methodologies to develop products that streamline processes at the MBTA. Our team is unified by continuous progress on the shared goal of improving the rider experience.

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A few CTD teammates in the office

Who we are

Effective and equitable public transit is essential to the social, economic, and environmental progress of Greater Boston. CTD’s mission is to apply modern principles of research, design, and technology to help riders use our transit system.

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A photo of an e-ink sign at Heath St with a Green Line trolley waiting with open doors next to the curb

What we do

The teams in CTD are responsible for systems and processes vital to the MBTA’s success, and have delivered dramatic, meaningful, and measurable improvements.

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CTD 'together apart' on a video call
CTD working agreements

How we work

CTD Working Agreements are simple, actionable steps that can help us approach our work in a way that ensures all people, thoughts, and ideas are welcomed and heard.

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CTD bakers show off their entries in the 2022 Pi Day Bakeoff

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Come join the MBTA Customer Technology team if you’d like to work on user-centered, equitable transit solutions for Boston and the Greater Boston area.

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